Bought a Domain Name –

I needed a name for my photography ‘business’ quite urgently after I’ve decided to abandon the old name Starrain Gallery. I did a photoshoot for my colleague and her family on 7 September 2013, a few photos are ready but there are no names for my photography ‘recognition’ I prefer it to be called.***

I may spend a lot on clothing online but I won’t spend a cent for other intangible item on the cyberspace. Such as using real money to buy games items and this unfamiliar domain name that I finally bought on 13 September 2013 @ 9.19pm.

Glad that it took me only a few days to come up with a new name for my photography. The old name “Starrain Gallery” sounds too uncreative to me, together with the unhappy business relationship with Audrey 2 months ago, makes me wanna change the name. Just like how I felt when I decided to change my real name when I was 21 year old. I want to have nothing.. absoulty nothing to do with the person anymore. Just a brand new life. I shut people off totally once they reached the limits.

One after one I  gave up and rethink of a new name again because they are all used by others and until I come up with the final name that I love and can totally connect me with that is not being used yet! I know I have to act fast because this name is just….. I am not a pro or anything but the way I see it, this name is pretty ‘usable’ and catchy. Below are some of the names I had considered before:

  • Some French words, I couldn’t remember, something to do with Petite, La Pitcutes…. but they are all used.
  • LalaDel Picture – I thought it sounds nice but i don’t want confusion with Lana Del Rey and the fact that it got nothing to do with me. Someone is also using this name for her Twitter account.
  • Lxy Gallery/ Lxy Photography – Lxy is the abbreviation of my name. I like it but somehow it sounds like a comical way of scolding someone? Like “Hey, you, XYZ!!” or XXX. So, better not.
  • Oh Photography – Easy to remember. But too boring, no connection. Out.
  • LucidPixel – Used. Very disappointed. I really like this name and thought ‘Lucid’ is not that common here

I bought my Domain name with NameSilo after reading this How to make a great photography website – Top 10 Mistakes. After some research, NameSilo earned my trust and I bought it for US$7.99 after US$1 discount after using the discount code I got from the website. You can buy it for 1 year or more, the more you buy the more savings you get.

Laugh at me if you want, I felt accomplished! I’ve bought my photography to a new level and secure a domain name.

Date being – 17 September 2013
Date complete – 18 September 2013


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